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Colour by Numbers POP-UP by Ted Baker


Design of a concept pop-up store for Ted Baker's contemporary clothing line.

The store, inspired by the idea of a contemporary art gallery served as the line's activation campaign and remained open for five week's in London's busy Old Street station. The pop-up became an instant instagram sensation and was featured heavily in the press. 

With a bold approach in the use of colour, lighting and materials, the space doubled as a special events space hosting various press and marketing events featuring London's most popular mixologist and DJ's. 

Nominated for Best Pop-Up of the year at Creative Retail Design Awards

1804_Old St__01
1804_Old St__21
1804_Old St__02
1804_Old St__22
1804_Old St__17
CBN-PopUP- - 111
1804_Old St__09
1804_Old St__10
1804_Old St__51
1804_Old St__25
1804_Old St__36
1804_Old St__31
CBN-PopUP- - 276
CBN-PopUP- - 267
1804_Old St__45

Images courtesy Ted Baker & CSM. 

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