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Chromatography is a translation system developed by Lina Patsiou.

It assigns a colour and spatial coordinate to each letter of the alphabet, through a series of overlapping decodings and encodings.  The method thus provides a  way for abstracting the alphabet to a twenty six colour pallet and through this, language to colour combinations and space. 

The Chromatography Method is a result of Lina's interest in the meaningfulness of objects and the idea of designed objects whose aesthetics directly derive from the messages invested in them.


Lina has used The Chromatography Method to create an interactive software that outputs three-dimensional pieces from keyboard inputs. 

A text input is translated in sculptural, coloured structures, which can be 3D printed in colour and kept as a tangible statement, a meaningful sculpture or a personal memento. In this case, both the form and colour of the object are a direct representation of its meaning, which in turn is described by the object's physical characteristics.  

The Chromatography series also includes the Chromatography Sprayer, an interactive device that employs the Method to spray colour messages on the surface of pre existing objects.

Research Project


Software Development:

Tom Schofield & John Shearer

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