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Chromatography Vases


Chromatography is a system developed to translate each letter of the alphabet to a specific colour and a spatial co-ordinate. Through a series

of overlapping decodings and encodings, the method provides a way for abstracting the alphabet to a twenty six colour pallet and through this, 

language to colour combinations and space. 


The Sprayer is an interactive painting machine. The apparatus employs 

The Method to match each letter of the alphabet to a specific colour. Each word becomes a sequence of colours to be sprayed. Thus, the user may type a message, a secret or a statement and see it colouring an object.

Ubiquitous products become unique and personal, decorated by the messages encoded on their surface. 


These vases have been painted by the Chromatography Sprayer. 

Ceramics by Andrew Deem,

Production assistant Kirsi Enkovaara,

Film making Christian Schmeer

All images by Lina Patsiou

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