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Aiming to present beautifully handcrafted products with an electronic element, the Electrocraft Show invited designers to bring together traditional crafting techniques and new cutting edge technologies. Set in the heart of London's creative scene, this exhibition had a cool urban outlook and a geeky heart. 


The exhibition design was inspired by these dualities and contradictions. 

The geometric beauty of electrical circuit drawings and the raw industrial presence of electrical components, the urban architecture, the weightlessness of technology as well as its anexacting nature and a spark

of futurism were the key elements upon which the spatial design was based. 


The plinths, spatial arrangements, aesthetic direction and the materiality of the exhibition graphics, were all designed to reflect those elements and also to showcase the exhibited work in the best light possible. 

Electro Craft is an exhibition of electronic products created by a diverse group of designers who share a fascination with technology and beautifully made objects. Working in a field that sometimes seems overwhelmed by bland corporate products with very little aesthetic or artistic value. It seems a relevant moment to me to highlight some of the wonderful work that is also happening in the area of electronics. London is a hub of creativity and digital progress and this exhibition tries to give a flavour of some of this original thinking.



– Tord Boontje, Electro Craft curator. 

@NicolaTree Photography

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